Information about Phone Battery and Keyboard

Why does the phone’s battery decrease?

At night you charged the battery of your phone to hundred percent, when you wake up early morning it goes down to 30, 40 percent. Don’t worry the solution can be suggested.

Naturally, in all kind of Android Phones WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail like applications are synchronizing data from time to time by connecting to the server in the backend. However, such applications are optimized as far as possible and they do not use large system resources and battery usage. In latest android version most of the applications are sent into the specific mode called Doze mode, while in this mode the battery consumption is also very low. But some of the applications with bugs are costing a huge amount of battery. In all phones are running a process called Wake Lock, that is constantly in place with the phone not being in sleep mode. Even when the phone’s screen is off, those applications cost a lot of battery. If your phone is rooted, download the Android application called “Wake Lock Detector”, that application recognize which apps are made wake locks and give us the details.It is enough to uninstall them.

   If your phone is not rooted then try the below tips.

* Switch off the Location when its no needed.

* Put your phone’s  Brightness level less while you are in the room/dark place.

* Don’t use both connections (Wifi and Mobile Data), use any one of them.

* When you go to sleep at night turn off the mobile data. Turn On when you     

   need it.

* Clear the Catch data regularly.

* Never charge your phone’s battery 100%, charge below 100%.

* Clear unnecessary data(Images, Videos etc.) that you don’t want.

* Reboot your phone twice a week.

How that feature on the keyboard?

When typing some words on the keyboard on my phone it is very convenient to have them in the form of auto suggestion. But the keyboard does not show a few words that I often use.Is there any possibility of getting suggestion on that particular words?

Naturally, the default keypad app that comes along with our phone is based on a dictionary, we have suggestion of the words we will type. Because of their lack of machine learning, new words are not included in the dictionary or custom dictionary formation. In that case if you use a special keyboard like a SWIFT key, it takes the words that we often use into a custom dictionary for that words, next time you no need to type the complete word any more it shows suggestions to that word.In some keyboard apps, a custom dictionary is available to us to add our own words, try looking for such things.

In a new version of Android phones by default keyboard comes under google inc. This keyboard has good features while the typing and dictionary purpose also. You can also switch between the keyboards which you can use.

Here is a Swiftkey link you can download for android.

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