Information about Phone OS and Speed.

Upgrading the operating system will slow down the phone?

I have Samsung Galaxy J7 Nexus Fun, which has only 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The latest update of Android Oreo comes with 980 MB size. Will this be the phone slow if it is updated?

Naturally, 2 GB ram should be considered too low. As well as 16 GB Internal Storage Phone is possible to face difficulties. In fact, the latest operating systems are slightly optimized in terms of memory communication, No matter how much optimized your memory is, it creates problems. So it is good to continue with the operating system you are currently using.

Is phone’s speed depending over ram?

The faster the phone is known if the faster the ram is? how far is this true?

Just having more RAM in phone it doesn’t work faster. The most important thing is the system on chip processor. So, based on it’s model our phone performance depends. Also, how much transfer rate supported by the chip used for internal storage, which operating system version on our phone is installed, which launcher was used and phone performance varies depending on many other factors, such as how many applications on the phone are installed. So all else is inferior and just a ram is not enough.

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