Who We Are

Let me tell you simple, Simple Arcade Gamers is a independent game studio. We makes mobile games for Android, every age group can play or learn through our games.


Simple Arcade Gamers was founded in 2015 in India.  I am the single guy in this company. Before making games i was a Skilled 2D as well as 3D Artist. I do Freelancer artist works for different companies based on their requirements.


Since then, we have moved on to Mobile game development and have produced games that are used all over the world. Kids Typing is our most popular game has been going well and teaching a good knowledge for all group of ages..

We’ve made dozens of apps in the past year that earn good revenue for ourselves.

We’ve made educational games to learn english language or improve their skills.

We have games that matches all category like, Puzzle, Quiz/Trivia, Arcade, Platformer .

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